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The difference between i'way transfer and a taxi service

The price is shown in advance and will not change during the ride
We will wait for you for free in case your flight is delayed
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В отличие от такси, стоимость трансфера зафиксирована и известна сразу .
Мы не берём плату за дополнительные услуги, такие как провоз багажа и животных. Расчёты полностью безналичные.
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Экономьте время на ожидании! Plan your trip in advance and the vehicle will be waiting for you at the time specified in the booking In the event of a flight delay, we will wait for you for free.

Taxi transfer in city Hamburg

Booking airport transfers in Hamburg

Almost two millions of people call Hamburg their home. It is the second largest city in Germany, the seventh largest in the European Union and the largest city by population in the EU, not the capital of the state. This city is also one of the largest port cities in Europe, thanks to its location – on the Elbe, near the North Sea.

Hamburg's public transport system includes underground (U-Bahn), urban railway (S-Bahn), route river ferries, commuter trains and buses. The entire public transport is run by the Hamburg Transport Union (Hamburger Verkehrsverbund, HVV). No matter where and when you should go in Hamburg, feel free to contact us to book the transfer in our company.

Hamburg Airport is located 9 kilometers north-west of the city center. The airport is the oldest among all the airports in Germany, it was built in 1911. Nowadays it is the fifth largest airport in passenger traffic among the German airports. There are two terminals in this airport, which are located next to each other. In the first terminal you can find ATMs, exchange offices, branches of various banks. In Terminal 2 there are many restaurants, cafes, bars, various shops and first-aid. At the airport, there is a business center with 14 rooms, equipped with telephone, fax and 7 meeting rooms and conference rooms for up to 90 people. For those wishing to stay at the airport, there is the Airport Hotel. For those wishing to get to the city of some neighboring cities, there is an opportunity to reserve (book) the transfer from us. Previously, the fastest way to get from the airport to the main train station was a bus Airport Express, plying every 15-20 minutes without stopping. It was on the road for 25 minutes (ticket price was 5 euros). However, in December 2008, the route was canceled. So, the most convenient way of getting from Hamburg Airport is to book the airport transfer from us.

In Hamburg, there are four rail stations. Main rail station was opened in 1906 and reconstructed several times seriously. Through the station pass up to 450 thousand passengers daily. It makes it the busiest station in Germany. Station architecture is very similar to other stations in Germany. It is a platform on top of covering large landing stage. There are numerous cafes, shops, and vending machines for drinks, chocolates, etc in this rail station. There is no waiting room at the station (mostly because of the convenient train schedules), but the platform has lockable cabin, which can accommodate up to 6 passengers sitting. At night, when it's warm, they can even take a nap. Getting to the city of Hamburg from the railway station is very easy. You may reserve the transfer in our company. Rail service in Hamburg is excellently developed, the same as in the rest of Germany. Several times per hour depart trains to Lübeck, Kiel, Hanover, Bremen and other cities. There is a direct high-speed and regional trains to Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Rostock, Stuttgart. They are sent every hour or every two hours. Also, there is a direct connection to Copenhagen, Paris, Warsaw and Zurich.

In Hamburg there is the largest port in Germany, which is the third largest in Europe after Rotterdam and Antwerp, and the second-largest European freight container terminal. Total length of the mooring line is about 275 km. In addition, the passenger port of Hamburg enters the season with a large number of cruise liners.

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