Payment and confirmation
How to pay?
You may pay by bank card.
What cards are accepted for payment?
Сards of the International Payment Systems VISA
and MasterCard.
Who withdraws money from my card?
You will be redirected to our partner "Alfa Bank" web page to pay by card.
Money will remain frozen on your account until actual date of trip. It allows
to get your money back quickly in case of cancellation.
Why my payment is not successful?
  • Lack of funds on your account;
  • Wrong card number, validity period, CVV/CVC code;
  • Your bank has set limits for the volume of payments made during one day;
  • Your bank does not accept online card payments, or you have to authorize
    this service in your bank.
If, for any reason, you can't pay for service, call your bank technical support
at the phone number specified on the back of your card.
What is confirmation of order?
Voucher sent to passenger e-mail is the confirmation of booking.
Voucher contains all the details of your booking.
May I book for a third party?
Yes. But make sure phone number and e-mail of this passenger are correct.
Otherwise passenger will never receive booking confirmation and sms
with the travel details.
Change and cancel
How can I change my order?
Please call +44 20 7043 7186 to amend the booking. Amendment is possible
if the rate remains the same. If the rate changes booking has to be canceled
to make a new reservation.
How can I cancel my order?
Please call +44 20 7043 7186 to cancel the booking. 24 hour prior cancelation free of penalty. Late cancelation will cause penalty equivalent to the rate of trip. In case if flight is canceled no penalty will be applied.
How soon will the amount be refunded after cancelation?
We do not withdraw amount at once but just get the required amount
frozen on your account. If the booking canceled in timely manner we immediately unfrozen the amount. If money was nevertheless
withdrawn please contact +44 20 7043 7186.
Can I cancel one trip if round trip was booked?
Yes, you may cancel one of trips (in accordance with the basic rules
of cancelation). 24 hour prior cancelation free of penalty. Late cancelation
will cause penalty equivalent to the rate of trip.
Meeting and transfer
How can I find my driver?
Your driver will be waiting for you with a greeting board bearing your name
in the arrivals hall of the airport. For hotels: in the lobby of your hotel.
Turn on your cell phone right after landing. If you cannot find the driver,
call us +44 20 7043 7186.
What happens if my flight is cancelled?
In case of flight cancellation immediately call us +44 20 7043 7186. In this case you may cancel your transfer order without any penalty.
What happens if my flight is delayed?
Your driver will be waiting for you even if your flight is delayed.
No extra fees will be applied.
What to do if I have bulky luggage?
Let us know if you have non standard luggage (a bicycle, skis,
an invalid carriage etc.) by calling +44 20 7043 7186.
What if I'm traveling with my child?
Please inform us if you travel with child.
If something goes wrong?
Please contact us +44 20 7043 7186. 24/7 customer support
at your service any time.