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The difference between i'way transfer and a taxi service

The price is shown in advance and will not change during the ride
We will wait for you for free in case your flight is delayed
We will meet you with a greeting sign at the airport or on the railway station
We will help you with luggage on the way to the car
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Unlike taxi service, the cost of a transfer is fixed and known immediately. We do not charge additionally per person, for luggage or pets, and payments are completely non-cash.
Book a transfer to an exact timing
Save time on your waiting! Plan your trip in advance and the vehicle will be waiting for you at the time specified in the booking. In the event of a flight delay, we will wait for you for free.

Taxi transfer in city Boston

Transfers in Boston

Boston, the capital of Massachusetts, named after English town, once was the largest city in the United States. Nowadays it counts about 625 thousand people. Thanks to its geographical position, Boston became one of the busiest ports in the country. Considering the population of Greater Boston (Metropolitan area), it will be about 4, 5 million people. The most famous brand, connected with Boston is, without a doubt, higher education and research activities.

Due to the specialization of the numerous colleges and universities, Boston is the world famous centre of biotechnology and medicine. Academic life, conferences and seminars often require providing the group transfer from airports and train stations. To combine the best service and the best price you can choose the airport transfer by iWay Express Company.

Besides, Boston is a major financial centre, one of the largest both in the United States and in the world. The financial branch of the city’s economy is closely connected with venture investments, mutual funds and insurance. Boston is a city with the high cost of living, but still it attracts tourists, researches and businessmen, so the question of the transportation becomes especially important.

Boston has several transport hubs: one major international airport, 3 key railway stations and 1 cruise ship terminal. The Port of Boston, Logan, Hanscom and Worcester Airports are integrated in the transportation network — Massport. All these points are connected with each other with different ways of transportation.

The Port of Boston is one of the oldest city-forming enterprises. Until the 19th century it was the major hub which provided the passenger and cargo transportation. Now it has only the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal on Black Falcon Avenue (South Boston), which serves the transatlantic routes and also voyages to Canada and Bahama, and several cargo terminals.

You can easily get from Black Falcon Cruise Terminal to Logan Airport and Financial District of Boston by water taxi. For the ground transportation, you could choose the Massport Courtesy Shuttle bus or the transfer as well. The approximate distance from the Cruise Terminal to Logan Airport is about 3, 2 km, travel time — min, depending on traffic.

Rail Stations:

The South rail Station, located in Downtown Boston (Atlantic Avenue and Summer Street) could be compared with the Logan International Airport in passenger traffic. It provides both domestic and intercity routes (served by Amtrak). From this point you can take a train to New York, Albany, Richmond, Chicago, Washington D. C., Philadelphia, Baltimore. The approximate distance to Logan International Airport (via Ted-Williams Tunnel) is about 6 km, travel time — about 20 min.

Route 128 rail Station (University Park) is located in Westwood, suburb of Boston, and is also served by Amtrak (Northeast Corridor), so you can take a train to New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Baltimore. The ground transportation to the station is available via the Route 128, I-95, US 1. The approximate distance to the Financial District of Boston is about 30.5 km; to the Logan International Airport — about 34 km.

The North rail Station (Causeway and Nashua Streets, Northern End of Boston) is also served by Amtrak and provides the interstate routes as well. The distance to the Downtown Boston is about 1.5 km; to Logan International Airport — about 5 km (depending on the route).


Logan International Airport (General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport), located in the East Boston, is the busiest one in New England. It has 4 terminals, served by 97 gates. Logan International Airport has one of the best transport infrastructures, combining different ways of transportation. It is easily accessible by water taxi and water shuttle. If you choose the ground transportation, you can use subway (Blue Line), bus (Silver Line, Airport Shuttle, Logan Express) and ground transfer, which is the most convenient one. The distance from Logan Airport to downtown Boston is about 6 km, travel time — 1 hour.

You can book the transfer service by iWay Express Company to any point in Boston and suburbs.

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