The bonus system i'way partners

It's nice to get more!

1. Sign up

Confirm your phone number in personal account to begin collection of bonuses

Earn 1 point for every 5 USD of the order value

The bonus points will be credited to you within 24 hours after the service is performed. Check your bonuses in your personal account.

3. Choose a gift

  • Get 500 bous points and proceed to a gift page
  • Exchange bonus points to any of a million gifts available

An account in bonus programme

  • We create a separate account in the bonus system for each registered phone number
  • You can change the phone number in the personal account yourself anytime; this generates a new account in the bonus system where bonus points will start to accumulate over again, in case this number has not been used before.
  • In case you're working simultanuously in several personal accounts you can accumulate bonus points in every single account, using the same phone number, register the phone number for each personal account separately
  • In case the same phone number is used in several personal accounts, the info message shows the total numuber of bonus points accumulated for this number altogether in all the personal accounts, not only the current one.

Managing your bonus points

  • Accumulated bonuses can not be shared or transferred between different accounts in the bonus system
  • Bonuses cannot be exchanged for money or transfer service
  • Bonuses can expire if they have not been used within 2 years, so do not hesitate and choose your gift! ;)


  • Gift Delivery paid points

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